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Cables (special) Woven- flat

Cables (special) Woven- flat

  • Woven cable gives a defined structure to cable looming offering complete electrical and mechanical repeatability.
  • Crosstalk is defined by repeatable wire positioning. Sensitive or noisy wires can be separated accordingly. (RFI segregation is logarithmic in distance separation terms)
  • No need for wire idents. Wire positions within the weave matrix define the wire no.
  • Woven cables are flat. They can operate as a hinge for repeated flexing.
  • They can be positioned against a wall to maximise space within a box, using Velcro etc.
  • Wire types, cable types, fibre and small hydraulic pipes can be mixed within the weave.
  • Individual wires can be screened prior to weaving as can larger groups
  • Weave can be overall screened to give a flat RFI/EMI cable capable of meeting Tempest requirements. Overall jackets can be flexible, low smoke, zero halogen and remain flat

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