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'Increased Breadth of Interconnective Technology'

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A New Style of Wiring System

Tekdata has perfected a new style of wiring system. No longer are harnesses a collection of wires held together with tube or tape. Precise shapes can be manufactured to close tolerances that fit the devices they connect.

Utilising woven ribbons and putting it inside jacket or shell provides an interconnection system with a huge performance enhancement.

Tekdata has produced woven ribbon cable for over 45 years, this product style is used within spacecraft, missiles, aero engine controllers, radar and communications equipment. Woven ribbon cable is available with wire sizes from size 0 to 44 awg in many conductor and insulator configurations that are available, fibre optics and tube can be included within the ribbon form.

The shell or jacket materials used are dependent on application. We have systems built from but not limited to Polyurethane, Epoxy’s, and Silicon. All these materials exhibit different properties depending on where the system operates and what is required.

One recent application of this is to provide electrical power for de-icing the rotor blades of a helicopter – these aren’t a harness anymore, they are 3 dimensional shaped components accurate to a 1.00mm with location points and clamp pads built in. This application is one of the harshest environments an interconnection system can work in. These harnesses were manufactured from 3d models.


Article first published : 16/7/2015

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