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Motorsport Students Gear Up For Tekdata Training School

Motorsport Students Gear Up For Tekdata Training School

omorrow’s motorsport engineers are set to benefit from the recent partnership that wiring specialist, Tekdata Interconnections have entered into with Staffordshire University.

Delivering a fundamental part of the University’s Autosport Engineering Foundation degree, the Stoke-on-Trent-based company are currently taking three students on placement through the Tekdata Training School, where they will be working on vehicles supplied by Beacon Racing.

The students, George Martin, Christopher Bracey and Edward Thomasen, will be building wiring looms and then taking the cars to the track to learn data acquisition. The experience will also give them the opportunity to learn how to build Tekdata’s wide range of technologies.

Autosport Students
Autosport Students With Tekdata Training School Apprentices

Tekdata’s New Business Development Manager, Mike Tickner stated “this is a great opportunity that I wish I had had. It’s one thing getting the certificate to show that you are mentally capable of doing a job, but it’s the practical skills that the team are looking for as well. Tekdata’s training will ensure that the graduates would be able to slot into any team needing wiring harness support.”

Forming part of a BSc(hons) in Motorsport Technology, the placement will see the students working with Tekdata three days a week for a period of 34 weeks; and at weekends, they will also work with Staffordshire University’s race team, Beacon Racing, on various cars at various circuits.

Hopefully this will be the start of a long and fruitful relationship between the two organisations and one that will benefit the Autosport industry for many years to come.

Article first published : 8/8/2014

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