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Next Generation Wiring Solutions for Defence Applications

Next Generation Wiring Solutions for Defence Applications

Why use 1960’s wiring systems to connect 21st century electronics?

The conventional way of building wiring harnesses in round forms covered with shrink tube has been used for 40 years, but these days, modern equipment demands high wire counts at low power levels in order to provide data paths for control, monitoring and communication. Factors such as size, weight, harsh environments, abrasion and risk of physical damage are also issues that constrain system designers when they are routing cable forms around a platform to interconnecting electronic equipment packages.

However, these issues can be overcome utilizing custom wiring solutions such as those developed by Tekdata’s woven cable forms. Designed initially for the Space and Autosport industries but able to be implemented within Defence applications, these bespoke solutions allow the conductor sizes to be reduced from a 22AWG to 28AWG; increasing flexibility, reducing size and weight but without compromising physical strength.

This is a significant 60% reduction in size and weight. Furthermore, the warp and weft in the weave provides strength and also affords some protection to the wire which, in certain applications, can remove the need for additional protective layers of shrink-tube or conduit.

Woven cable forms can be manufactured from any type of wire, including LSOH, airframe wire or simple PVC equipment wire and they can incorporate fibre optics, coax and tubes; therefore, providing a total interconnection solution.

When terminated with the new ranges of micro 38999 and micro “D” connectors plus over-moulded, encapsulated or ultrasonically weld backshells, it is easy to see the advantages available to equipment designers and installers.

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Article first published : 8/8/2014

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