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Over-Moulded Assemblies for Industrial Equipment

Tekdata was recently approached by a manufacturer of glass forming equipment when they required customised cable systems for a new Automatic Mould Release Application system for two of the world's largest glass bottle manufacturers.

Currently, mould release is applied by hand, but in an effort to improve safety and efficiency, the new system was developed and planned to be installed in manufacturing plants around the world as part of an 8-year plant improvement project.

The client selected Tekdata for their specialist manufacturing capabilities, technical knowledge and excellent project support, and it was not long before Tekdata’s technical and design expertise was put to the test in applying their specialist know-how to interpret the diagrams accurately.

The majority of the first batch of assemblies had been built prior to Tekdata’s involvement, however, engineers at Tekdata soon identified from the drawings that the connectors needed over-moulding, essential for providing high-levels of strain-relief and protection for the highly hazardous areas the assemblies were designed. In addition to high quality cable assembly; over-moulding is another of Tekdata’s specialities.

As lead times were extremely tight, Tekdata offered additional support and once the moulding tools had arrived, they worked overnight to meet the strict delivery requirements for 50 systems.

The manufacturer praised employees for their hard work, skill and quick turnaround and as a result, Tekdata will soon be manufacturing the next set of assemblies for 100 systems.

Article first published : 14/3/2016

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