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Space and Defence Interconnection Specialist Selected for Next-Generation Military Project

Space and Defence Interconnection Specialist Selected for Next-Generation Military Project

UK based wiring systems specialist, Tekdata Interconnections has successfully supplied ultra-low profile, lightweight ruggedised cables and harnesses for the British Army’s £200m FALCON project – the next-generation, secure, command-level communication infrastructure.

The contract, awarded by Thales Defence & Security C4I Systems, draws on Tekdata’s specialist interconnect-design and manufacturing competencies to safeguard the performance, reliability and safety of the system under harsh operating conditions.

Conceived for rapid deployment in the battlefield, FALCON will replace current in-service systems; principally Ptarmigan, Euromux, RTTS and DLAN, linking tactical and command communications from Bowman tactical communications and the Cormorant command system back to UK headquarters using the Skynet 5 satellite communications system.

FALCON will greatly improve data throughput, multi-level security and mobility and manpower efficiencies and will be used by senior commanders to control combat operations at corps, divisional and brigade level, handling up to 50 times the data throughput of the systems it replaces.

The Tekdata harnesses are installed in vehicles, mobile communication units and other nodes of the Falcon infrastructure. Key requirements include high resistance to external radio interference (RFI), as well as low RF emissions and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The harnesses, both cables and overmoulded connectors, are designed, manufactured and released to meet the exacting safety and environmental requirements including Low-Smoke Zero-Halogen (LSZH) materials.

Commenting on the project, Ernie Edwards, Managing Director of Tekdata stated, “We have worked successfully as a team and with our partners to solve the exacting technical and commercial demands of this project. The experience gained, and the partnerships we have built stand Tekdata in good stead to support future major projects for the UK military.”

Article first published : 8/8/2014

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