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Challenging Times Ahead for F1 2017

As the motorsport world awakes from its Christmas slumber, 2017 looks like it has the potential to be one of the most exciting seasons for a few years.

F1 has to embrace a wide number of new regulation changes, which should make the cars look better, and more proportioned to how they used to look a few years ago, and also up to four or five seconds a lap faster than last year if early predictions are to be believed.

This will certainly be a challenge for the drivers from a physical standpoint, and hopefully the early part of the season could throw up some interesting results, as teams try to get their heads around how to operate the new car / tyre concepts across a race weekend to achieve the optimum result.

The driver market has moved a bit as well, after the current World Champion, Nico Rosberg announced his shock retirement after securing his maiden crown last year, with just about every driver on the grid trying to get themselves into the open Mercedes seat.

Technology wise it is interesting to see that some of the teams have really embraced this opportunity to explore the rule book, and how they intemperate these new regulations will be defined when the cars are presented for scrutinizing for the first time in Australia.

A lot of thought and focus has been spent on packaging the ancillary components around the car, to ensure the tightest aero packages can be achieved, and alternative harness solutions have been developed to help achieve packaging requirements.


Tekdata developed a number of bespoke harness solutions for use on a recent space project, which reduced weight via developing a feed through concept with flat harness that could be layered, and moved away from the use of traditional connectors at the internal and external junction points.

New encapsulated and ruggedised harness concepts have also been developed, which again can be manufactured in a flat form to fit format, which can be used in many applications where the protection of the harness is of the uppermost importance.

From Nano space to Outer Space, Tekdata can design, develop and manufacture an integrated connectivity solution, which will fit our customers’ ever demanding requirements.

Article first published : 27/1/2017

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