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'Increased Breadth of Interconnective Technology'

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Woven Wiring Technology Enhances Command & Control Connectivity

Woven Wiring Technology Enhances Command & Control Connectivity

With the continuing advances in military technology and communications systems, the battlefield is becoming an increasingly high-tech environment.

Soldiers are able to carry an array of GPS, targeting systems, situation awareness, communications, sensors and night vision systems; with this kind of technology available, the military now wants “networked” soldiers in combat units.

The advances that have been made to bring this level of battle command and networked connectivity down to dismounted soldiers is considered a significant breakthrough; all of these devices require connectivity that is light weight and rugged enough to withstand the rigours of operational use.

Utilising the latest lightweight connector systems fitted to flat form micro-woven cable systems, Tekdata Interconnections are developing wiring solutions that can meet these demands. Originally developed for spaceflight packages, Tekdata’s wiring systems are lighter, stronger and more flexible than those which are currently available using conventional materials and techniques.

These high integrity interconnection systems can carry USB, data highways and equipment power and the ribbon cables can be constructed to bespoke requirements with twisted pairs, miniature coax and fibre optics; adding only marginal weight and bulk to body armour or combat jackets.

Furthermore, the woven construction of the cable form allows the ribbon to be sewn into a garment and this provides the added strength and the tangle-free interconnection system that enables a soldier to carry out his operations in an effective and efficient manner.

Article first published : 8/8/2014

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