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Moulded Cables
Military Communications

Tekdata has been providing cable assemblies to the defence market sector for over 50 years.

We have worked with UK and European companies to manufacture bespoke assemblies for covert communication systems, battlefield communications equipment, naval vessel, aircraft based systems and more.

We can protect your critical assemblies with our onsite over moulding capabilities to guarantee your systems continue to work efficiently in the harshest of environments, from hot dusty desert terrain to low or very low temperature locations.

We can supply cable assemblies for a range of defence applications including, but not limited to:
   - Harnessing within vehicles for rugged and discreet applications
   - Covert assemblies
   - Underwater Systems – Cabinet assembly
   - Underwater Systems – Sealing adapters
   - Submersible ‘box’ assembly.
   - Underwater gland cable sealing
   - Smart weaponary
   - Unmanned Air Vehicles: Engine and Actuation systems wiring

To save you time, money and the hassle of a long supply chain, we offer a complete service including drawing support, engineering advice, component sourcing, prototyping and testing.
- AS9100 Rev D approved
- 50+ years of experience
- Knowledge of multiple markets allowing crossover of ideas
- Dedicated project manager
- Drawing support, component sourcing and full testing included in our service

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