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Cryoconnect Interconnection Technology

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Cryoconnect is a specialist division of Tekdata's Interconnect Systems, and deals solely with cabling and interconnection solutions in cryogenic systems.

We provide NASA approved wire and cable solutions for lightweight cable assemblies operating in the super conductor range of temperatures i.e the very low Kelvin range. 44awg wire sizes can be woven to provide a tough robust and stable cable. Tekdata provide a high level of consultancy in this very specialised field.

We have a wide range of application experience and work closely with experimenters and system designers to translate their ideas and needs to be able to offer the best technological solutions including:

  • A variety of wire types such as Manganin, Phosphor/bronze, Constantin, Stainless steel and Brass.The Cryoconnect feedthrough: This device eliminates the need for high density 2 part connectors bridging the vacuum wall of the cold wall in low temperature cryogenic measuring devices. The footprint and design of the feedthrough can directly suit the application. Weight savings and improved reliability are an additional benefit.
  • Solutions to both passive and active (flexing) requirements through to the low Kelvin range of temperatures.
  • NASA and ESA approved.

Our team at Cryoconnect offer a design consultancy service for all its Cryogenic interconnect products and we are always available to answer questions, offer advice and provide support wherever possible to accelerate the time to results.

Visit the Cryoconnect Website for more information.


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