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'Increased Breadth of Interconnective Technology'

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As a leader in interconnect technology, Tekdata has a strong reputation for providing a breadth of interconnection solutions within a range of different markets and applications

We promote a cradle to grave concept and support our clients through all stages of a project.

Find out more about how Tekdata's expertise has been utilised as a valuable component of numerous applications in the following sections.

Harness Assembly and Black Box Applications

  • Aero Engine 'Black Box' Control Wiring System
  • Interconnect for Aerospace 'Black Box'
  • Aero Actuation System
  • Aero Head-up Display
  • Helicopter Roter Deicing Systems
  • Nanoconnect Connector Savers
  • Mil Underwater Watertight Assemblies
  • Mil Aero Major Bench Assembly Work
  • Mil Defence Rotational Joints for Robotic Arm
  • Aerospace Positional Sensors
  • Medical Scanner 'Clockspring' Cable Assembly

Aero Engine Black Box Control System Wiring

Mounted directly on the engine of commercial aircraft, the wiring requirements of the controller ...

Interconnect for Black Box Technology in Aerospace Applications

As demands made on black boxes in aerospace applications become more complex, their overall ...

(Aero) Head-up Display

Mounted in the cockpit of many commercial airliners the HUD control box needed to take up minimum ...

(Mil Underwater) Watertight Prototype Feature

Advances in electronics are enabling subsea equipment to deliver enhanced capabilities, but the ...

(Mil Aero) Major Test Bench Assembly Work

A suite of test benches involving CE certifiable wiring demands work that is undertaken directly ...

(Mil Defence) Rotational Joints for Universal Robotic Arm

Flat woven cable offers the ideal format and structure to enable high flexing power wiring ...

(Medical) Body Scanner Clockspring Cable Assembly

In order to rotate like a clockspring, Tekdata have devised a cable with a memory similar to spring ...

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