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Aero Engine Black Box Control System Wiring

Mounted directly on the engine of commercial aircraft, the wiring requirements of the controller presents challenges and performance specifications beyond the normal.

  • To land wires onto filter connectors needs a solder joint. All wires have a 270º wrap joint with up to 3 joints/pin. To reduce the effects of vibration all joints are encapsulated with a flexible high adhesion compound.
  • During servicing, it is sometimes necessary to remove the gasketed front connector plates without applying tension to the wire joints. This is achieved by the use of woven cable which allows the wiring to hinge from the box.
  • Spare wires are included within the encapsulation of the micro D to offer mid life update if necessary.
  • Mixture of single wires, twisted pairs, and screened thermocouple pairs.
  • Velcro pad on ribbon enables ribbon to be secured to the case yet easily removed when necessary.
  • Filtered D38999 connectors provide filtering at the wall of the box.
  • Falls within the auspices of CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) certification requirements.

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