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'Increased Breadth of Interconnective Technology'

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Interconnect Specialised Technologies

Tekdata provides design, manufacture, testing and qualification of harsh environment ruggised interconnection systems.

We design and manufacture bespoke wires and cables that make efficient use of space, whilst also providing effective performance.

Examples of our specialised interconnection technologies include:

  • Cables (special) - Woven-flat
  • Cables (special) - Woven computaweave
  • Cables (special) - Woven IDC (Insulation displacement cable)
  • Cables (special) - Woven - Transmission line
  • Cables (special) - Extreme cabling
  • Microconnect
  • Special backshells
  • Grommets
  • Special connectors
  • Header principle
  • Feedthroughs
  • Environmental sealing, securing and rigidisation
  • Fibre optic design and manufacture

Cables (special) Woven- flat

Ribbon cables offer a flexible solution to meeting size constraints and weight limits on your ...

Cables (special) Woven Computaweave

Computaweave woven cable provides all the benefits of a flat woven cable but enables programmable ...

Cables (special) Woven IDC (Insulation displacement cable)

Traditionally IDC cabling has used pvc stripline cable, entirely suitable for its application, ...

Cables (special) Woven Transmission line

VARi-Z: Tekdata's original transmission line product combines micro/nano wiring to create ...

Cables (special) Extreme cabling

High performance cables for extreme harsh environment applications ...


Lightweight cabling using the woven principle to supply the strength and stability to the wires....

Special backshells

Moulded backshells offer a cost saving alternative to standard backshells or SF(shrink fit) boots. ...


Grommets can eliminate the need for standard or special connectors....

Special connectors

Tekdata offer a range of Application based connectors. ...

'Header' principle

Instead of using a 2 part connector to terminate to a pcb, a header allows a 1 time connection to ...


Eliminating connectors within a system or product reduces costs and increases reliability...

Environmental sealing, securing and rigidisation

Intrinsically many wiring systems require wires to be static or rigid at one point...

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