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Cables (special) Woven- flat

Ribbon cables offer a flexible solution to meeting size constraints and weight limits on your electrical application.

Introduced by Tekdata Interconnections Ltd over 50 years ago, woven ribbon cable, although one of the world’s best kept secrets, can be found in many advanced systems.

Woven ribbon cable is configured to user requirements and is available in very short runs. Setup costs are low providing very economical bespoke cables, and it provides a defined structure to cable form, offering complete electrical and mechanical repeatability. Wire types including single and multi-core, fibre optics, tubes and small hydraulic pipes can be mixed within the weave.

  •  Wires can be introduced and dropped out of the form at programmed intervals providing break-outs in an assembly.
  • Our standard yarns are Nomex & Gore-Tex which offering fire resistance and high strength.
  • In the flat form bend the radii is that of the specified wire and can operate as a hinge for repeated flexing.
  • Crosstalk is reduced by repeatable wire positioning. Sensitive and noisy wires can be separated across the form. (RFI segregation is logarithmic in distance separation terms).
  • Weave can be overall screened to give a flat RFI/EMI cable capable of meeting Tempest requirements.
  • Jackets can be fitted to the form and remain flat, these can be extruded for long runs or heat-shrink tubes for short runs, providing maximum performance, flexibility, low smoke & zero halogen as required.
  • Use of enamelled wire with gauge sizes as low as #44AWG and alloy conductors delivers space grade applications.

Suitable applications include, but are not limited to:

Lightweight Torpedo's  |  Missiles  |  Advance Military Aircraft  |  Satellites
Robotic Handling Equipment  |  Airframe Wiring
Civil Aircraft Engine Control Systems

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