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Cable Design and Specification

Our design team can work with you to overcome challenges your project may be facing. Experience in multiple industries allows for cross over of ideas, solutions and opportunities to develop new systems.

With our unique capabilities, we can offer turn-key solutions designing to:

  • Cost Temperature (-273 to +650°C)
  • Thermal ramp rate (>100°C/min)
  • Vibration (e.g. 100 x aero spec)
  • Ruggedness (soldier abuse, shock, radiation...)
  • Flexibility (hinges, robotic arms, slideways...)
  • EMC - shielding effectiveness (>Tempest, Land Class A, nearly any connector)
  • Weight (minimising conductor and shielding weights)
  • Space / difficult routing / complexity reductionWater / chemical proofing (outside submarines, hostile atmospheres...)
  • Pressurisation / vacuum retention
  • Fibre optic link modelling (reducing time to market)

 Tekdata can offer cable assembly design to suit advanced applications.  Where standard cables are available, Tekdata will always choose that option. Where design criteria does not permit, Tekdata will review the following options. Design considerations include:

  • Mixture of wire types: Twisted pairs, Triples, Quads, Screened or Unscreened.
  • Hi flexing, Contra-helically laid, woven or moulded.
  • Overall screen
  • EMI/RFI segregation. (ElectroMagnetic Interference/Radio Frequency Interference)
  • Power/signal separation
  • Low Halogen. Zero hal.
  • Fixed application or continuous movement
  • Wide range of temperatures (-55C to +260C)
  • Cost
  • Weight
  • Performance
  • Timescale

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