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Wire Marking Service Now Available for the Aerospace Sector

As an experienced supplier of cable assemblies for the aerospace sector, Tekdata Interconnections have now improved their offering with a new online laser wire marking order service.

Using the CAPRIS laser wire marking system, an order can be placed online with no MOQ’s and a fast response service which can offer same day collection or delivery if required. If free issue wire cannot be supplied then a quote can be requested for Tekdata Interconnections to supply the wire using the same online facility.

John Hopkinson, Business Development Manager at Tekdata Interconnections said; “We are delighted to be presenting this new service which will benefit technicians who require a one-off with a fast turnaround as well as manufacturers who have repeat requirements for high quality wire marking.

“The aerospace industry demands wire identification markings for use in airframes and it is vital that the marking remains legible and durable in all operating conditions. Laser printing is the industry standard method that meets such stringent constraints without damaging the wire insulation as no heat or pressure is applied during the marking operation, plus almost any legend can be marked.”

Laser marking can be applied to single wires, jacketed multicores, coax cables and Ethernet/ data bus cables provided that the jacket material is of laser printable grade. Print legibility is assured using our CMS 2 contrast measuring system.

Simply click here to use our web form to calculate or request pricing and place your order. If you would like more information please contact us using the details below.

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Article first published : 2/9/2019

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